CHAPTER 1 — The Syzygy

| “Why do they teach us to fly high & then cut off our wings?”

“Why do we let them do so to prove our love and loyalty?” — LUNA|

The note fell from an old book. Agham was never a library person. He always spoke as if it’s better to take a stroll around a cemetery. He went there only to pick up his books. Never ever cared of choosing a side table or walking around those shelves. Even last week when the topic came up,he reasoned that at least cemeteries are silent because people there are actually dead. Libraries are meant for alive ones and yet there’s dead silence all around. On hearing this,Agham’s younger sister Aloh and best friend Aman burst into a hard laughter as the duo always did. That’s what brought him there. At the library. Not in search of any book. But in search of the joy people found there. Among those old shelves in the right corner ,he was trying to hide himself on recognising a familiar voice — Aman’s ! He was moving sluggishly through the less occupied dusty area when this book fell from one of the stacks in which he found the note.

They were mere questions,scribbled roughly on a small perfect square paper. But definitely,it was sure that it was not left there long-ago. The black ink was shining fresh. Nor was it left there by chance. It was neatly tucked in between the pages of a book on astronomy. The startling fact was the highlighted word on the page-”The Syzygy”. It was only when the clock struck nine,he realised that he had been lost in thoughts for ages. Dinner was being set up beneath. He could hear all the creaking sounds of the furniture and the regular chitter-chattering followed by periodic titters.

Aloh found him lost and asked about the same. He excused himself complaining about his long tiring day. He could not get his usual tight sleep. His thoughts wandered. Not around the questions or their answers. But on whether he should leave an answer or not, whether LUNA expected a reply or not. He took perfect measurements of the note to cut a same-sized paper chit. Scribbled thoughts on it — his thoughts,which sounded more like questions themselves. Signed the note and tucked it in between the same pages. He walked upstairs to lay down on the terrace floor, below the moonlit starless sky.Waited for atleast one star to show up and slowly fell asleep.




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