Chapter 2 — That Better Sip

|” Are you scared of your wings being cropped or tired at the thought of stitching it up and flying again ?

Aren’t you aware that its easier to dream but tough to execute them? “— SOL|

It was seventh morning and I wasn’t expecting for anyone to notice it too soon. But all these six days I’ve regularly been to that stack at the right corner for no reason. Flipped over the pages of that book,only to see my note smirking back at me. But today it didn’t. Instead,a similar signed note appeared to be in it’s place. They weren’t answers. Nor was it a piece of solace. They were wonderful thoughts wrapped in sharp words. I’ve no idea why the thought never occurred to me — I realised rays of consciousness hitting me.

Kerlin also thought that it was foolish of me to take such a mindless decision of which I wasn’t sure about. Sadly,she’s right cause had I stayed calm and ignored all the hurries,I would not have seen those many days of regret. But I mustered up all the courage in me to stand and speak up. For all those who pitied me would never know how much I appreciate myself for learning to express my thoughts and feelings. Though Kerlin is senior to me,she’s my favourite person in the entire college. We could talk on everything above and below the sun until sunsets and still each of us would want more of our conversations. I haven’t said a word about this crazy notes to her. Someday later,maybe I would. After all,she’s the best room-mate one could get.

I pulled out a paper slip and grabbed my black ink,chained those perfect strings of letters into it. This time they weren’t questions,they were my inner screams. I wasn’t sure it would reach SOL,so i shortened it on a different slip. Raised over and walked upright towards the corner to replace the book. When I finally stepped out of the place,my heart wore a smile. Of course not on receiving a reply,but only because it was signed SOL. The syzygy has been stirred up. Who knows what it had in store — an eclipse, occultation or a transit ?

The first sip of my elaichi chai tasted better today. But when I enquired about it,the old man replied with his toothless innocent grin — that it was the same chai I had everyday. It was only then I realised that even the evening sky smiled better today !




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