Chapter 3 — The Drizzle

More than two weeks have passed by and the note exchanges continued until one day he wide-opened the double folds to find a poetic missive. It read —

|”In the distraction of this madding fever!

O benefit of ill, now I find true

That better is by evil still made better; “ {Sonnet 119}

Hey sol, Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day ? — LUNA |

Agham now wanted to find out whereabouts of LUNA. It was a Monday, and he remained inside the library until he was called out by the security guard who was in charge of locking it up in the evenings. He never noticed anyone walking up to that right-cornered shelf or pulling a book from it. The guard went on rattling about how oblivious people could become while he signed the ‘Out Register’. Not a word crossed his mind ,it had already started to rain — from the sky and his reminiscences of those earlier notes too.


| ” Was so sick for few days. Fever ? Yeah. Took medicines and it healed. But I was more sick inside. Talking about it would sound me lame and screaming it aloud would make me look insane. Had helplessness always meant to go this extend ? OR…..Is it a ploy of time which abstains us from perceiving it earlier ?“— LUNA |

| ” Sometimes ,getting sick is inevitable in order to be able to rise like a phoenix. Only the sick seeks for the cure and only them who seeks for cure subdues. The need to seek never arises if you don’t allow yourself to feel through the destined sufferings. Indeed, those who have risen from a fall would dare to fear another slip.” — SOL |


Next day, Aman was taken aback on spotting Agham in an unexpected condition. Seated on a corner table, staring at the old banyan tree outside but occasionally rolling his eyes to the right, he seemed awaiting someone or something to happen. Aloh could not believe her ears ,but Aman assured her he would not mistake anyone for Agham. In their nine years of friendship, he also had never seen Agham in such a lost state. They figured out that it must be there where he has been completely lost since few weeks.

Later, when the trio gathered for lunch at canteen, the two brought up the topic of the new library renovation plans but undoubtedly messed up with it. However, Agham realized that the arrows were purely aimed at him and they were now waiting all ears for him to delineate every atom of what he intended to deliver. He began to reminisce, and the mist reduced as it had already started to drizzle again — this time the sky was clear and sunny !




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